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SOAKOLOGY® foot sanctuary & teahouse is an experience unlike any other. It is our belief that people need an oasis where they can abandon the tension and anxiety of the day; an exceptional place to steep, spa, shop, and above all else, refresh. Our tranquil environment, passionate staff, and stress-reducing products are thoughtfully designed to inspire an extraordinary experience. We invite you to visit often as your personal haven from life’s everyday demands. Some days you will want to visit solo for individual quiet time; other times you will enjoy sharing the experience with a group or a special friend or partner.
Our customers are extraordinary; they deserve the extraordinary.

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The SOAKOLOGY® spa offers a complete menu of options to relieve tired-aching feet and legs, head-neck-shoulder soreness and stress and even sore hands and arms. From massage and foot soaks to pumice and hydrating treatments, you will experience complete relaxation.

Your massage therapist will escort you to an area where you’ll stow your street shoes in exchange for comfy slippers. Next, you (and a companion or group if you come with others) will settle into overstuffed arm chairs. Draped fabric dividers help separate you from other visitors enhancing the feeling of privacy.

Your massage therapist will make up your soak, using hot water and hand selected herbs and essential oils. Lean back into the cushions and let your therapist place your feet in a beautiful custom copper bowl filled with river stones and your personalized soak solution.

Relax a few minutes in your soak before your therapist begins an optional massage while you continue soaking. Or simply soak your feet and relax with something delicious from the teahouse.

Now all you have to do is unwind while we indulge you with any of the options from our spa and teahouse menus.


Sit in a quiet corner of our teahouse for a bit of solitude and relaxation or enjoy the buzz with your friends. Experience the combined scents of aromatherapy and steeping tea. Choose specialty or more commonly known tea from our extensive list of options. Try a tea smoothie, an ice tea or an authentically created steamer. Satisfy a sweet or savory craving with an option from our café menu.


The SOAKOLOGY® boutique affords our guests the opportunity to enjoy any of our extensive tea choices at home or while traveling. We’ll even set you up with convenient brewing accessories to use on the go or beautiful tea service for home use. Learn how to brew the perfect hot tea or ask for our fool proof ice tea recipe.

We search the entire world for the best, fair trade and ethically secured tea. We do not compromise our passion to provide extraordinary tea to our customers. Ask our knowledgeable team to assist in finding just the right tea for a great marinade. You will find varieties of honey not commonly found in most shops and carefully selected to accompany many of our tea varietals.

Tea is the common thread that ties the various facets of our business together.

Our spa uses the purest, high quality essential oils, tea derivatives and tea herbs for the treatments and soaks. Most of the options from our spa menu are available for purchase. We offer high quality, custom crafted bath and body products that you will love in your bath or be proud to give as a gift.